Best Ultrabook Buying Guide

In this article we will provide you all deep information about best ultrabook buying guide.
With ultrabooks, or laptop, computer hardware manufacturers seek to offer users computers that combine lightness and speed. Inspired by touchscreen tablets, they also start straight away. But they can get expensive.


  1. What does ultrabook mean?
  2. What are the criteria to take into account when choosing an ultrabook?
  3. Should we fall for an ultrabook?
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What Does Ultrabook Mean?


Unlike conventional 15- and 17-inch laptops, ultrabook have a smaller screen, between 10 and 14 inches. Generally efficient and fast, they are thinner, lighter and have better autonomy which can reach 16 hours depending on the model and use.

Visuals GA ultrabook aperture apple macbook pro 13 inch m1 2020 001



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Almost all ultrabooks are equipped with an Intel Core processor (i3, i5 or i7) or an AMD Ryzen (3, 5 or 7), known for their performance and low power consumption. Our ultrabook tests show that it is better to opt for a model equipped with an Intel Core or an AMD Ryzen, which performs better than the Intel Pentium / Celeron and the AMD Athlon. While any ultrabook may be suitable for doing office work or surfing the Internet, some can be more responsive than others, especially when it comes to performing more resource-intensive actions, such as photo editing. or video editing. In contrast, ultraportables are generally not designed to play high definition 3D games.

Storage Capacity

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Ultraportables all incorporate flash memory (SSD or sometimes eMMC, a slower technology found in some entry-level models), which speeds up the computer’s ignition process while being less fragile than a hard drive. classic. For reasons of cost, manufacturers generally limit the storage capacity of their SSDs to 512 GB. With some ultrabooks, it is even necessary to be limited to 64 GB, which can quickly turn out to be insufficient when storing photos or videos. videos, especially since part of this space is occupied by the operating system. In any case, it is always possible to invest in a portable hard drive .


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While they may be sufficient for basic use, 4 GB of RAM may be insufficient for a little more extensive use. Preferably choose a model incorporating 8 GB of RAM. This will allow you to multitask without fear of slowing down.


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It can vary from model to model, but in general, ultrabooks are designed to be able to run for a whole day without having to be recharged. Beware, however, of the indications provided by the manufacturers which may be overestimated.


Visual GA ultrabook connectivite apple macbook pro 13 inch m1 2020 003
Due to lack of space, some ultrabooks sin a little by their lack of sockets. Check their presence according to your needs: the number and type of USB ports required (depending on the devices to be connected), the type of video output (HDMI / micro-HDMI or USB-C) if you need to connect an external screen (l acquisition of a specific cable or adapter may be necessary) and the type of memory card reader (SD or micro-SD). Some manufacturers offer an optional box that increases the number of sockets. Finally, for the wireless connection, prefer a model equipped with the Wi-Fi 6 standard, which is tending to become widespread.


Visual 2 GA ultrabook dell inspiron 13 7391 2 in 1 001 0 keyboard
The keyboard of this ultrabook can be folded up for use in tablet mode.
If most ultrabooks are used like conventional laptops , it is possible, on some, to fold the keyboard behind the screen or put the computer in easel mode, especially to watch a video. Some models are sold with a slim, detachable keyboard that turns the computer into a tablet. In all cases, check that the keys are well placed, comfortable to handle and, if possible, backlit. The touchpad (or touchpad) should be large enough. Finally, be aware that due to lack of space, the keyboard of ultrabooks is generally without a numeric keypad.


Visual 2 GA ultrabook ecran microsoft surface laptop 3 13 5 001
The Microsoft Surface Laptop-3 has a 13.5-inch touch-screen.
In general, the screens that equip ultrabooks are quite good quality. However, only some of them are tactile. It’s up to you to see if this criterion matters to you or not.


Visual GA ultrabook finishing dell xps 13 9300 004
Ultrabooks are generally made from quality materials and benefit from a neat design and beautiful finishes. They are also fairly quiet and heat up little. On the other hand, the quality of the webcam and that of the speakers can vary appreciably from one model to another.


While it is possible to find entry-level ultrabooks for less than $ 900, having an envelope of at least $ 1200 allows you to benefit from a mid-range model, more efficient and versatile.

It is possible to opt for models integrating a more powerful processor, a larger memory and a dedicated graphics circuit, but in this case, the prices can soar, sometimes beyond 2000 $! In the end, while they may be suitable for everyone, ultrabooks are primarily intended for professionals and students who need a computer that is both easy to carry and efficient.

So, before you fall for an ultrabook, make sure you really need it. And above all, consider taking a look at classic laptops. Some display configurations and designs that have nothing to envy to ultrabooks, for an equivalent price.

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