What is a coat rack called?

A coat rack is known by different names in different countries, with the term coat rack predominating in American English, while in British English other terms are common. The name hat tree is also sometimes used.
Some coat racks are freestanding, but most commonly they are attached by means of wooden brackets to a wall.

The coat rack is an emblem of masculinity and traditional Western culture, and often features in the traditional culture of sports and the outdoors.
A coat rack is also known as an umbrella stand, an umbrella holder, and an umbrella stand.

Coat rack, hat rack, coatstand or hat stand is a device used to store hats and often coats on, and umbrellas within. Its basic purpose is similar to that of a coat hook or umbrella stand, but it is larger and more solid, with a broader array of uses. Coat racks are often made of wood and come in many different styles.

There are several types of coat stands, each serving a different purpose. You can find them in various sizes and models in a variety of price ranges. They all serve a different purpose and each has its own special use.

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