How To Hang A Coat Rack On The Wall

In this blog we will discuss about how to hang a coat rack on the wall. It’s a lot easier to hang your coats and hats and umbrellas on the coat rack than to store them on shelves.

how to hang a coat rack on the wall

Doing this will save you from filling up your shelves. and the rightful place remains in them. which may be of any use to you. And in this way your time is also saved.

So if you want to hang a coat rack on the wall, then it is not a difficult task, you can do it easily.

While hanging a coat rack might seem like a simple task, there are a few things to keep in mind. Using the right tools for the job is important as is knowing the best way to go about hanging it.

Hanging Coat Rack On The Wall

There are two ways to hang a coat rack on the wall.

The first, and more traditional way is to hammer in some hooks, which will then hold the rack. The hooks should be placed at regular intervals, and should not be placed directly above light switches, electric sockets, or any other place that could pose a risk to your health. This method is also not very esthetically pleasing.

The second way to hang a coat rack on the wall is to use a large command hook. These small hooks can be found in any local hardware store, and can be easily placed wherever you wish, without worrying about ruining the wall.

Hang A Coat Rack On Outer Walls

Coat racks are usually hung on outer walls which don’t have studs. You can still hang a coat rack on an outer wall by following these steps:

  • 1. Put up a strong anchor. You’ll be adding a lot of weight by hanging coats, bags, hats, and umbrellas. Drill a hole into the wall using a hammer drill and masonry bit. Then insert a wall anchor, making sure it’s completely set inside the hole.
  • 2. Measure the mount and fashion a mount. Cut and fashion a mount for your coat rack, using ¾-inch plywood. Cut out a square that’s big enough for the rack to fit through and small enough to fit flush against the wall. Lie your coat rack on it. Make sure the rack is positioned where you want it, then draw marks for the holes.
  • 3. Fashion a second mount. After you’ve drilled your holes on the first mount, hold the coat rack to it. Then, on a separate piece of wood, drill the same holes you used on the first one. Hold it to the wall right behind the first mount.
  • 4. Hang the coat rack on its mounts. Place the coat rack on the first mount and hold it in. Then guide the coat rack through the holes on the second mount.

A coat rack is an extremely efficient piece of furniture that helps in saving space. However, if you are looking to hang it without a stud, here are some tips: First, look for a hollow wall.

It can be in the form of a simple divot, or a hole that is not patched yet. It would help if you will be able to find a place like this above a doorway so you can install the hanging rod to support the weight.

If you are not able to find one, you may want to consider installing one. With an electric drill, start drilling a hole on the wall where you want it to be.

Keep drilling until you feel that the drill has made a hole deep enough to accept a steel stud. If you are going to install a wooden stud, you will have to install it first and then hang the coat rack.

Where can i buy a coat rack

You can buy coat racks, coat hangers and coat storage bags at many different places. The ones you want to really consider are ones that are at least five feet high, and have a decent amount of storage space. Some of the regular coat racks that you find in department stores and other retail locations might not have the amount of space that you need to hold all of your coats.

If you are trying to be frugal, and you only have a few coats, you can buy a coat stand. This is a type of rack that is meant for coats and jackets, but it only has one bar. The bar is typically balanced on a single base. This will allow you to find a cheap option for storing your jackets, while they are not in use.

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