Bed Pillows For Sleeping 2 Pack

Our Sleep Innovations bed pillows are the perfect combination of soft and very helpful for healthy sleeping. Our cut memory foam pads are the result of a complex design process. Our memory foam pillows fit the head, neck and shoulders.



  • Luxurious plush materials: Luxury fiber pads are formatted with super soft microfiber! They are tailor-made expertly to ensure maximum comfort of all sleeping sites. The tops of the pillow are made of high quality microfiber fabric material. It’s soft.
  • Fluffy & Support: full of 100% microfiber board that makes the pillows supporting and thriving. Do you prefer soft or supporting pillows, nice refrigeration pads are for you. 900 GSM filling makes pillows very fluffy.Our 2 pack bed pillows offer a large balance of flexibility and plump solid. They give you great support to the neck and shoulder, they fit the page, stomach and back to the sleeper.
  • NO-SHIFT CONSTRUCTION: A non-change structure, you have a nice sleep disorder all night. You have a quick and sleep like a cloud. It is highly recommended as the best gift for your parents, your family and friends. They give excellent comfort against the skin without extra heat and sweat all night.
  • Easy to take care of: The pillows come to the vacuum sealing for shipping when opened, it starts fluff up. Leave 72 hours of pillows to reach the full thickness before using them. Pillows are a machine washable with a drum drying low. Do not sii iron or dry cleaning.
  • High quality: Buy Confidential! We are convinced of the high quality pillows to cross your expectations. Complete customer satisfaction is the primary goal. If you have any questions, please contact us, you can change the new couple or complete refund, you will not save you any effort to help you solve all the problems!

Product Information:

This cut memory foam pad is cool and breathable. You can expect long pillows to ensure a good night’s sleep. the good thing is they provide you a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. Sleep Innovations is sold exclusively through Amazon.

You will love it: without a shift, you will get a good night’s sleep. You fall asleep quickly and fall asleep like a cloud. It is recommended as a perfect gift for your parents, family and friends. They provide extra warmth against the skin and excellent comfort without sweating all night.

The NO-SHIFT pillow is designed for users who want a good night’s sleep, whether you’re at home or in the car. Our pillows are made with NO-SHIFT technology, which prevents the filler from moving, so you wake up in the morning with the same comfort as when you go to bed. Our pillows are made of 100% TENCEL® Lyocell fiber, which is derived from wood cellulose material, this material is hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant, naturally mold resistant and has antiseptic properties. This unique material will give you a more comfortable sleep. Our pillows are also easy to clean, you can easily clean them with a machine wash or hand wash.

Our microfiber cushion cover is made of high quality material that feels soft and comfortable. The ambiance of your bedroom is sure to improve when you add a microfiber pillowcase to your bedroom. The pillows are also suitable for all seasons, they keep you warm and comfortable in winter and help keep you cool and comfortable in summer.

Luxury Linens gel-filled fiber pillows are made of super-plush gel fiber that will embarrass all other standard pillows! Thanks to their no-shift design, our Sleep Restoration pillows are a great place to rest your head. They are stylish, luxurious and incredibly comfortable pillows are machine washable and they always look new!

Very comfortable pillow made of gel fiber. It has a cooling effect that makes you sleep better at night. The foam shapes the head and neck, which provides better support than regular pillows. It also adapts to your sleeping pattern, making it easier for you to be in a more comfortable position.

Choosing a quality pillow is pointless, and these Luxury Linens gel-filled fiber pillows prove it. We created these pillows with a soft, breathable microfiber duvet cover made durable and long lasting. These polyester fiber blankets are filled with a luxurious gel fiber that is very soft and light and prevents your pillow from moving during the night. The inner fiber pad is actually a microfiber pad that gives a very soft feeling that keeps you comfortable every night. We’ve tested these pillows and we don’t get enough of them!

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