Top Best Bowling Shoes For Beginners, Sliding, Toe Draggers, & Wide Feet

It may shock you to discover that there are many choices out there when it comes time to shop for the best bowling shoes available. You can track down loads of incredible sets for all kinds of people. To assist you with settling on a strong choice on which pair best meets your playing needs, let us suggest a couple of our beloved matches and give you a few hints on what to search for when contrasting various sets of shoes for bowlers.

In case you’re taking bowling from a periodic side interest to a more ordinary one, then, at that point, it’s the ideal opportunity for you to get your own pair of bowling shoes. Prevent leasing a couple from your neighborhood bowling back street and get a couple that assist with keeping you from sliding or stalling each time you move forward to the line.

why do you have to wear bowling shoes?

Shoes are a vital piece of gear in any bowler’s collection. The best bowling shoes will assist you with accomplishing a smoother generally movement by assisting you with sliding down the cleaned paths. They likewise work with your body to permit appropriate development during slides, forestalling knee, lower leg, and foot wounds. At the point when you’ve finished your toss, the elastic heel goes about as a brake to stop your slide. At last, bowling shoes ensure the actual path. They keep the finished wood from becoming scratched by garbage, keeping the paths dangerous. Oa a side note, If your bowling shoes lose their gleam after some time, consider applying some boot oil on them.

While rental bowling shoes give a sufficient answer for the semiannual bowler, any individual who is even marginally genuine with regards to bowling ought to put resources into their own pair of bowling shoes. From a monetary stance alone, buying an individual pair of bowling shoes will pay off after a normal of five outings to the back street. Also, there’s simply that gross-out factor that accompanies leasing and wearing shoes that others have perspired in – loads of others! It simply bodes well for you to have your own pair.

There is a wide scope of reasonable choices accessible for the amateur bowler. Basic bowling shoes are like the rentals that most novices are utilized to. They are frequently essentially less expensive than further developed bowling shoes and work for all fundamental bowling procedures and styles. With most passage level bowling shoes, you don’t have to stress over what hand you bowl with for sure style of play you favor.

Progressed bowlers have more factors to think about when buying the best bowling shoes for their requirements. Proficient bowling shoes are costly and planned with explicit elements to work on various parts of their wearer’s down. When purchasing proficient bowling shoes, you want to realize which foot is predominant and what hand you bowl with. This is significant in light of the fact that the bottoms on each shoe fluctuate contingent upon which foot is prevailing. An elastic sole on your predominant heel assists with breaking, while the other sole is smooth and ideal for sliding.

Not certain which shoe is the ideal decision for you? We’ve assessed ten unique choices to assist you with settling on your decision!

1.Dexter SST8 Bowling Shoes


Welcome to the major associations. Ready to deal with everything imaginable, the Dexter SST8 is completely adaptable to coordinate with the wearer’s ongoing interaction. Compatible elastic soles permit the slide and footing levels to be adjusted to inclination. The replaceable foothold on the non-slide shoe implies that the SST8 shouldn’t be supplanted when the footing’s elastic wears ragged. Moreover, the slide can be moved to one or the other foot, making the shoe appropriate for left-or right-foot predominant players.

SST8. The shoe includes full-grain cowhide uppers and broad cushioning. EVA in the underside shape the shoe to the wearer’s foot, lessening the break-in time frame. For forceful players, the drag defender adds toughness by keeping the slide from stripping.

The main genuine impediment encompassing the SST8 is the expense. While not the most costly expert bowling shoe available, the SST8 is certainly not priced for relaxed bowlers. In spite of this, they settle on an astounding decision for genuine bowlers searching for a component pressed, tough bowling shoe.

The decision: If you’re searching for an expert grade bowling shoe, the Dexter SST8 is great. Its adaptable soles make the SST8 adaptable, implying that your shoe has you covered regardless of your style.

2. Brunswick Edge Bowling Shoes


The Brunswick Edge is one more amateur’s bowling shoe deserving of thought. The Edge is about solace, exchanging some usefulness for a superior vibe. It’s bulkier than the greater part of the others on the rundown of best bowling shoes because of additional cushioning. This cushioning expands the wearer’s solace yet additionally adds weight to the shoe. The Edge utilizes daintily formed EVA outsole innovation to shape the shoe to the wearer’s foot. One more advantage of the Edge is its microfiber soles. These soles are great for substantial sliders who much of the time utilize the slide step.

The additional cushioning found in the Edge is a two sided deal: while agreeable to wear, the shoes are both more bulky and less solid than other bowling shoes. Their long bands additionally present an (but effectively relieved) challenge. At long last, the Edge’s tracks destroy rapidly. As the soles are not replaceable, this altogether abbreviates the shoe’s life expectancy.

3. Dexter Pro Am II Bowling Shoes


One more Dexter for the rundown! The Dexter Pro Am II is still in fact an amateur’s shoe yet comes loaded with highlights all the more generally found on moderate and progressed choices. They settle on a fantastic decision for bowlers searching for a more refined shoe without the going with price tag.

The Pro Am II accompanies bunches of cushioning to assist with padding the wearer’s feet. They highlight a raised heel for added stature and expanded slide control. The two shoes sport a microfiber slide sole. The plain dark plan makes them all around engaging, giving the presence of an ordinary athletic shoe.

Sturdiness is a worry with the Pro Am II. Its engineered material destroys speedier than Dexter’s better quality calfskin shoes. The shoe’s fit runs little, particularly in its additional sole. In the case of buying on the web, purchasers ought to pick a size bigger than the one they normally wear (particularly for those with wide feet). At last, the Pro Am II is a substantial shoe, with the overabundance elastic incidentally adhering to the path in manners other bowling shoes don’t.

The decision: The Pro Am II is effectively the best novice shoe on our rundown. It is agreeable, reasonable, and brags some the further developed highlights found in proficient shoes. For beginner bowlers looking to up their game (and able to spend somewhat more to do as such), the Pro Am II is an ideal initial step into proficient bowling shoes.

4. Dexter THE 9 Bowling Shoes


Meet the Dexter THE 9. A definitive expert bowling shoe, Dexter’s THE 9 is the force to be reckoned with of the bowling scene, consolidating progressed bowling innovation with solace and style and first spot on our list of best bowling shoes.

THE means “Foothold Hyperflex Engineering,” a progressive innovation intended to expand execution and add sturdiness to the shoe’s flimsy parts. The built up foothold on the replaceable bottoms mitigates the diminished strength that accompanies tradable bottoms. This expands the shoe’s lifetime – something worth being thankful for, given THE 9’s strong pricetag. The hyperflex channels are a balanced outsole framework that attempts to build adaptability, helping bowler execution. Its widespread raised heel fits any Dexter substitution.

THE 9’s just hindrance is its price tag. Effectively the most costly shoe on this rundown, THE 9 is an interest in the wearer’s bowling vocation. Everything except the most genuine of bowlers would almost certainly find other, more affordable expert shoes satisfactory for their requirements.

The decision: If cash isn’t a worry, purchase THE 9. These are the best bowling shoes accessible by a landslide. The price tag is awesome for proficient bowlers searching for first in class hardware, yet less genuine players probably won’t get a similar profit from venture.

5. Pyramid HPX Bowling Shoes

The following stage up from the Pro Am II, Pyramid’s HPX bowling shoe is the early on proficient shoe you’ve been hanging tight for. It is a particularly strong decision for the individuals who despise the Dexter brand and are searching for another option. The HPX highlights biomechanical shaping for excellent solace and backing. It is made with full-grain calfskin, limiting break on schedule, and is intended to be adaptable for simplicity of development.

On the bowling-explicit side, the HPX has different highlights intended to build sliding, breaking, and in general development control. Their exchangeable soles are viable with other brands’ heels and soles, facilitating the monetary effect of purchasing name-brand substitutions.

One thing to observe

for with HPX’s is their estimating. The shoes are accessible in left, right, and ride-wide fits. It is reasonable for the buyer to painstakingly quantify their feet prior to requesting a couple of HPX’s to guarantee that they get an ideal fit.

The decision: Pyramid’s HPX bowling shoes are an astounding generally speaking proficient shoe. They come loaded with highlights intended to cause moving to feel easy while holding the solace most bowlers long for. The HPX is an incredible choice for experts – and for fledgling players hoping to take the jump into serious play.

6. BSI Men’s Basic #521


This current fledgling’s shoe is an amazing decision for those searching for a modest basic bowling shoe. The BSI Men’s Basic #521 is not difficult to track down in wearing outlets and on the web. It includes a lightweight, external elastic sole with astounding sliding abilities. The shoe is just about as solid as can be anticipated for the expense. The Basic is sneakerlike in appearance for a more stylish look.

One normal grumbling with regards to BSI’s Men’s Basic #521 is its fit. The shoe fits very nearly a standard greater, making estimations even more basic. Also, the shoe and sole both destroy generally rapidly (yet are as yet great given the going with sticker price).

The decision: The BSI’s Men’s Basic #521 is most likely the easygoing bowler’s smartest option. It is a low-speculation choice for amateurs while as yet giving a decent quality bowling shoe. Those wishing to seek after bowling all the more truly in the future may observe they grow out of the Basic rapidly.

7. KR Strikeforce Flyer


The KR Strikeforce Flyer is a slight move forward from BSI’s Basic. The Strikeforce Flyer is a reasonable choice for section level bowlers. It is a classy shoe, arriving in an assortment of shadings. The general underside implies that bowlers don’t need to consider which foot is prevailing. This likewise settles on the Strikeforce Flyer a strong decision for able to use both hands players and players who have still up in the air whether they are correct or left-hand bowlers. The soles utilize KR’s Flex Slide innovation to work on the shoe’s slide and give satisfactory foothold in significant minutes. Maybe the Strikeforce Flyer’s most grounded include, in any case, is its solace. The top piece of the shoe, or collar, is made of a delicate and solid texture intended to pad the wearer’s foot.

Sadly, the engineered calfskin material utilized over most of the shoe makes the Strikeforce Flyer less solid by and large. Moreover, the shoe patterns towards a wide fit, making web based shopping a test.

The decision: An extraordinary option in contrast to the BSI Men’s Basic, the Strikeforce Flyer gives remarkable solace to its value point. Its general absence of solidness is an impediment for any purchaser searching for the shoes to last direct mileage. All things considered, the Strikeforce Flyer’s durability ought to be satisfactory for the easygoing or amateur bowler.

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8. Dexter Jack II Bowling Shoes


The Dexter Jack II is the first of a few Dexter shoes on our survey list. Dexter bowling shoes are known for their quality and are broadly viewed as the brand with the best bowling shoes accessible. The Dexter Jack II for the most part experiences the Dexter brand, for certain outstanding downsides. It is an entirely agreeable shoe, planned with great help and a delicate texture collar. The extra-long slide soles work with the bowler’s movements to expand the perfection of each ball discharge.

The Dexter Jack II fits little, requiring astute buyers to give the shoe a shot prior to purchasing on the web. Toughness is likewise a worry. The engineered material is inclined to wear, and keeping in mind that the Jack II is definitely not a particularly costly bowling shoe, the measure of bowling time that you’ll receive in return is an interesting point.

The decision: The Dexter Jack II is an entirely agreeable fledgling shoe. However it doesn’t exactly satisfy the Dexter name, it is in any case a nice choice for the easygoing bowler. Make certain to give it a shot in stores prior to buying to ensure a cozy fit!

9. BSI Women’s Classic Bowling Shoes


The BSI Women’s Classic is the main bowling shoe planned explicitly for ladies on this rundown. While ladies can wear suitably measured men’s bowling shoes without issue, the Women’s Classic is customized for female feet. Intended for both left-and right-foot predominant players, the Classic is made to be strong and agreeable. The lightweight padded sole forms to the wearer’s foot for added support. This makes the Classics especially helpful for ladies experiencing pronation or supination issues. The shoe’s collar is brilliantly hued, balancing the generally dark completion.

Likewise with most amateur’s shoes, the soles of the Classic are not tradable. (The shoes compensate for this with huge strength – relaxed players ought to have no issues). Measuring can likewise be a worry. The Classic is known to fit little and restricted contrasted with other bowling shoes and has next to no give, making them difficult to loosen up and break in.

The decision: The BSI Women’s Classic is an extraordinary choice for ladies searching for sex explicit bowling shoes. They are a modest early on shoe that focuses on solace and style over assorted highlights, settling on them an all around sufficient decision.

10. Storm Gust Bowling Shoes


It is safe to say that you are a major fanatic of Converse and Vans? Look no farther than the Storm Gust while looking for essential bowling shoes. These kicks are best for social bowlers who focus on style over highlights. Storm Gusts are basically rental shoes with somewhat really cushioning. They include a formed EVA insole and cushioned collars, giving the wearer some extra solace. Their cotton material is breathable and lightweight.

Storm Gusts can’t actually develop with the wearer due to their absence of particular elements. This settles on them a helpless decision for new bowlers hoping to fill in the game. And, similar as other material shoes, Storm Gusts require broad breaking in to get that relaxed, familiar fit.

The decision: Storm Gusts are ideally suited for style-cognizant social bowlers. In case all you’re searching for is a shoe to wear to your bowling association one time each week, a couple of Storm Gusts will be a welcome move forward from the rear entryway’s rentals. Bowlers hoping to improve or become their game ought to pick a shoe with more elements.

11. Pyramid Men’s Path Lite Seamless-Mesh Bowling Shoes


Intended to give predominant execution, solace, and ideal foothold, the Pyramid Men’s Path Lite Seamless Mesh Bowling shoes are a reasonable show-stopper for bowlers.

It offers a consistent plan for agreeable movement. The shoe is likewise amazingly lightweight so you can bowl however much you need with practically no feet throbs. Its agreeable weaved body implies it offers improved breathability.

The Pyramid Men’s Path Lite Seamless Mesh Bowling Shoe is a consistent with size shoe. This implies you can arrange your normal shoe size without agonizing over whether or not it would coordinate with your feet.

The shoe additionally accompanies further developed padding that helps support so it tends to be worn by both right or left-handed bowlers. It includes a super light outsole and a raised elastic heel that is not difficult to convey and move around.

This bowling shoe is accessible to purchase in 5 distinct shadings and accompanies a 2-year guarantee.

Best Features

  • Accompanies microfiber slide cushions for improved solace.
  • Sewn uppers ensure improved breathability.
  • Super light outsole with elastic heels for lightweight.
  • Accessible in 5 distinct tones.
  • 2-year guarantee


  • Clients grumble of the shoe feeling
  • inexpensively made.
  • The shoes will generally make elastic imprints on the paths while bowling
  • The client assistance department could be better.

The decision: An agreeable novice’s shoe, the Brunswick Edge is an appropriate choice for easygoing bowlers who prize solace over execution. They’re additionally a magnificent decision for substantial sliders who don’t depend on a strong track for halting.

Best Bowling Shoes Buying Guide

There aren’t numerous things to ponder or think about when buying bowling shoes. Generally, you should simply search for a couple that coordinates with your normal shoe size and you are all set. Nonetheless, you do have to consider how the shoe accommodates your lower leg and toes since you would need to utilize the shoes for something like a couple of months.

This buying guide would diagram all that you really want to think about when buying a bowling shoe.

Sort of Bowling Shoe

There are various sorts of bowling shoes. The distinctions rely upon your age, sex just as bowling strategy you use.

Youth Bowling Shoes: They are intended for adolescents and are unacceptable for grown-ups. They don’t have a ton of padding and are just worn by children and youngsters. If you have children that appreciate bowling, it is prescribed to buy them a couple instead of leasing them shoes at the bowling community.

Men’s Bowling Shoes: This kind of shoe is not quite the same as women’s bowling shoes both in plan and size. Basically, men’s shoes are consistently more extensive than ladies’ to oblige their wide feet.

Right-handed possibly Shoes: If you are very specific with regards to how you bowl, you should get a shoe that coordinates with your style. This kind of shoe has better footing and hold bottoms on the right show so you have further developed grasp on your methodology.

Left-handed Only Shoes: They are the direct inverse of right-handed just shoes.

All inclusive Bowling Shoes: While the right-handed just and left-handed just shoes are incredible, they can likewise be costly. All inclusive Bowling Shoes then again are promptly accessible available. There are additionally no unique elements to oblige your style of play which makes them for the most part less expensive.

NOTE: This kind of shoe is just acceptable in case you are simply beginning.

Bowling Shoes with Interchangeable Soles: This kind of shoe isn’t really normal since they are frequently costly. They are shoes that permit you to change their sole contingent upon the kind of surface you will bowl on in the bowling back street/focus.


The sole is one of the main pieces of a bowling shoe. There are just two interesting points here.

Smooth Soles – This is the sort of sole found on Sliding bowling shoes. As the name suggests, this kind of shoe works on the perfection of your slides while conveying the ball. It additionally works on your finish with the bowling surface.

On par with what they will be, they have their drawbacks. Having smooth bottoms on the two feet can make you slide significantly more than needed. The ramifications of this is you unexpectedly submit fouls.

Accordingly, most very good quality and expert bowling shoes highlight both a sliding sole and a footing underside.

NOTE: Cheap and amateur bowling shoes typically just have sliding bottoms on the two feet.

Foothold Sole – These kinds of bottoms are just present on costly bowling shoes. They are generally just worn by experts since it upgrades the force of your ball tosses. They additionally make turning more straightforward during approach and conveyance.

They are likewise great for individuals who bowl regularly.

When buying a bowling shoe, you want to really look at what sort of sole it accompanies. For example, in case you are not an ordinary bowler, you most likely will not get the best incentive for cash by buying a bowling shoe with a foothold bottom. In case you are a normal bowler then again, instead of going all trip for a bowling shoe with full foothold bottoms, you should get a crossover one that has a sliding underside on one foot and a foothold bottom on the other foot.

Shoe Anatomy

Finally, you really want to consider the form and plan of the shoe since the two of them decide how agreeable and tough the shoe will be.

Covering: A decent bowling shoe ought to have very much lined inners. A large portion of the best bowling shoes available elements a sock-like covering on the vamp and a fourth of the shoe for more solace.

Uppers: You need to search for a shoe with uppers produced using breathable materials. Most bowling shoes are produced using calfskin. In case you are uncertain about whether the material the shoe is produced using is breathable, you should check for holes on the shoe.

Insole: Another thing you need to check is the insole of your shoe. The insoles ought to be flimsy and removable. This gives you the choice to add custom insoles ought to there be a requirement for them.

Toe Caps: Some bowling shoes accompany toe covers that secure the toes and forestalls wear or wounds on the toe when bowling.

Outsole: This is vital to check prior to buying a shoe. The best kind of outsoles doesn’t stamp floors. It is an essential for most bowling rear entryways.

Padded sole: Some bowling shoes accompany additional padding to keep your feet set up while turning. Have if your shoe is all around lined.

Heel Cup: Some bowling shoes highlight heel cups that help your heel for better equilibrium. Shoes with heel cups frequently likewise include a cushioned collar for most extreme lower leg support.

FAQs for Bowling Shoes Buyers

Is It Important to Wear Bowling Shoes to a Bowling Alley?

Indeed! There is an explanation bowling shoes are accessible available or purchase all things considered bowling rear entryways all things considered.

Bowling is a game that takes accuracy and requires extraordinary equilibrium. While moving toward a bowling path, a bowler should be smooth and adaptable to guarantee their point is straight and valid.

Bowling shoes are intended to keep the path and back street in great condition by making zero imprints or soil.

Would i be able to Bowl With Regular Shoes?

Indeed, yet we don’t suggest this.

Normal shoes are by and large what they are, ordinary! They are not intended for bowling which implies they can be entirely awkward when you use them all things considered.

All things considered, there are cases where you can go your standard shoes into bowling shoes. This is finished by applying soles intended for bowling shoes onto your shoe utilizing a particular kind of paste. Nonetheless, as you would already be able to envision, that can be very upsetting. Furthermore, there is no assurance it would work.

When is the nice Time to Replace My Bowling Shoes?

There is no particular response to this on the grounds that the ideal chance to supplant your bowling shoes relies upon how regularly you bowl.

In case you are a customary bowler, you ought to be prepared to supplant your bowling shoes each a few seasons. This is to guarantee the solace and equilibrium the shoe offers isn’t lost after some time because of wear emerging from nonstop use.

For individuals that bowl one time per week or when at regular intervals, you can utilize your bowling shoes for two or three years.

Immediately, how long your bowling shoes keep going additionally relies upon how well you keep up with them.

Would i be able to Wear Bowling Shoes Outside?

Bowling Shoes are intended to be worn in a bowling place. Wearing it as a relaxed shoe eventually nullifies the point of the shoe.

The shoes are made utilizing explicit materials that give solace and equilibrium while bowling. These materials when presented to outer conditions like dampness, food particles, ice, sleek surface, and so on can without much of a stretch ruin your shoe.

Asides from destroying the shoe, it can likewise make you slip or fall.

The amount Does Bowling Shoes Cost?

Most bowling shoes on normal expense around $24. They cost even less when you lease them at a bowling community. Notwithstanding, it is suggested that you purchase your pair as it is more solid and more secure particularly in case you are a standard bowler.

What do Bowling Shoes Consist of?

Bowling Shoes are commonly made of elastic and cowhide. Shoes produced using this material are typically modest and consistently in stock. There are additionally other premium materials, for example, delicate calfskin utilized in making costly bowling shoes.

Kinds Of Bowling Shoes

For all kinds of people models, you will go over just two fundamental sorts of shoes for bowlers. There are athletic choices and execution choices. Here is a fast clarification of their disparities:

Athletic bowling shoes are regularly less expensive in cost and ideal for the specialist sporting bowler. Furthermore, they are the ideal decision for novices who don’t yearn for proficient game play. The sliding soles on these are really like the rental shoes at your neighborhood rear entryway. Also, they work for both right-gave and left-gave bowlers.

Proficient bowling shoes are commonly more costly to purchase and truly intended for the genuine bowler. A couple of these has one shoe that has an elastic sole for breaking, and the other shoe includes a smooth sole utilized for sliding. Furthermore, it’s normal for this sort to have exchangeable and removable sole capacities.

Highlights and Other Considerations

Since you realize which sort of shoe is best for your requirements, it’s an ideal opportunity to consider a couple of different things before you pull the trigger on your buy. The following are a couple of elements and different things for you to consider subsequent to perusing the rundown of best bowling shoes.

Right versus Left Handed

On the off chance that you’re going for a couple of execution shoes, you need to know whether you want a left-gave or right-gave pair. This doesn’t mean with hand do you compose with, yet which hand do you discharge the ball with, all things being equal. In this way, on the off chance that you discharge the ball with your right hand, purchase a couple of right-gave shoes. Furthermore, if your ball hand is the left one, get a couple of left-gave shoes. Assuming you’re getting the ‘athletic’ type, you don’t have to stress over this.

Customizable Slides

OK, so you’re a genuine bowler and going with an exhibition pair of shoes. Great decision! However, you additionally need contemplate compatible or substitution slides for better execution out there. You’ll see that the sliding soles are evaluated on a scope of one to 10, with one significance they give negligible slide and a 10 importance the sole gives most extreme slide. Remember that path conditions will quite often direct with level of slide is awesome for the game. For example, on the off chance that you’re in a chilly New York winter, you’ll need a lower slide rating to assist you with trip on the cool, smooth surface. Yet, assuming you’re playing in damp New Orleans, you’ll lean toward perhaps a 8-rating slide to assist you with continuing on the path floor. You’ll likewise need a high slide rating if the land has a scraped floor.


Since the reason behind buying the best bowling shoes for most easygoing players is to save money on rental expenses, the shoes’ life span is a basic element. Shoes that self-destruct after ten excursions to the rear entryway don’t make for a sagacious speculation.

For section level players, most basic sets will be sufficiently solid to make the buy great. Solidness is to a greater degree a component for genuine or proficient bowlers. Since the shoe is worn substantially more regularly and will in general be put through a more difficult scope of movements, a very much created shoe will ensure that the wearer is playing at their pinnacle.

Right Fit

Assuming you realize what size you wear in a standard shoe, you definitely realize what size you want for your best bowling shoes. It’s actually basic. At the point when you’re wearing your new pair of bowling shoes, they should fit like an ordinary pair of athletic shoes. Your impact point ought not sneak through the back and your foot should feel satisfactorily upheld without feeling excessively firmly wedged into the shoe. What’s more, your toe region ought to have around a fourth of an inch between the tips of your toes and the finish of your shoe. As you stroll in the shoe, it ought not slip and your foot ought not move around. On the off chance that you have wide feet, you really want to pick bowling shoes for wide feet for the best fit. Also, assuming you will generally have sweat-soaked feet, make certain to pick a couple that has breathable uppers for wind current.

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